Oil Checking Guide

The 5HP30 (AZS 560Z) automatic transmission is filled at the factory with a new semi-synthetic ATF. The new oil, Shell LA 2634 (BMW# 8-322-940-7765),is capable of a lifetime service interval and no subsequent oil changes are necessary on this transmission.

Shell LA 2634 (BMW# 8-322-940-7765) is currently the only approved oil for use on this transmission. Mixing this oil with other grades of ATF will cause the automatic transmission to malfunction and is not permitted.

Fluid Level Checking Procedure

The following procedure for checking oil level on automatic transmission 5HP30 (AZS 560Z) must be followed carefully to ensure proper functioning of the transmission.

The vehicle must be without load and standing on a flat, level surface.

With the engine running switch on the low beam headlights or the air conditioning. This will increase the idle speed and ensure that the transmission’s oil pump supplies a sufficient volume of oil to reliably maintain all oil passages filled with oil.

The transmission temperature must be between 20°C and 30°C before the checking procedure. Use the service tester of MoDiC to determine the transmission oil temperature.

Step on brake firmly, apply parking brake fully and move the gear selector lever several times in succession through each gear position, pausing briefly in each gear.

With the engine running and the selector lever in PARK or NEUTRAL position, remove the filler plug located at the bottom of the oil sump. Note that some oil will always be trapped above the plug and run out when the plug is removed: this is not an indication of proper filling or overfilling.

Add the specified oil until it starts to overflow.

With the engine running, re-install oil filler plug (torque 100N-m).

Special Notes for Oil Level Checking

It is preferred to begin oil checking with an oil temperature of 20°C and be prepared to reinstall the oil filling plug at 30°C. The transmission will hold and extra 0.6 liter of oil this was versus topping up at 50°C.

It the oil temperature rises above 50°C during the checking procedure, the resulting oil level will be too low.

If there is a sunction sound during the fill up procedure air is being sucked in at the oil pick-up. This must be avoided as it will cause oil foaming resulting in a reduced oil level. If oil foaming is suspected, shut-off the vehicle and repeat the oil filling procedure after waiting a few hours for the oil to settle down.

Adding Oil After Repair

With the engine stopped, add oil to the transmission until it overflows. Insert and tighten the filler screw, select PARK position and start the engine. Remove the oil filler plug and add oil until it overflows. Check the oil level as detailed above. Failure to follow the outlined procedure will cause
excessive noise, slippage and internal damage.
The transmission warranty is void

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