Oil level checking procedure: Click here to return to Oil Guide
  • Park vehicle on level surface to check the oil level
  • Check the transmission for leaks before checking the oil level
  • If oil loss is severe, determine and eliminate cause.


Illustration 1 (up to 09/93 )

6 - Oil dipstick
6a - Locking Lever



Illustration 2 (as of 10/93 )

6 - Oil dipstick
6a - Locking lever
6b - Locking pin

  • Open locking lever (6a)
  • Press locking pin (6b) to one side in direction of arrow, remove both parts and open locking lever (6a)
  • Pull out dipstick (6)
  • Wipe off with fluff-free cloth
  • Insert oil dipstick (6) up to the stop, pull out again and read off oil level
  • When the transmission is cold, (transmission oil temperature approx. 30 deg C) the display must be between the "min" and "max" marks for the correct oil level (illustration 4)
  • When the transmission is at operating temperature (transmission oil temperature approx. 80 deg C) the display must be at the "max" mark for the correct oil level


Illustration 4
  • Correct oil if necessary
  • Re-check oil level once again
  • Close locking lever (6a) and insert locking pin (6b) until it engages
  • Insert oil dipstick (6) so that the locking clip (6a) is easily accessible and does not contact anywhere
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